WHat is GTA E-commerce?

GTA E-Commerce is a mission driven organization, working to grow and diversify Canada’s ecommerce ecosystems. Through best-in-class events, insightful research and meaningful advocacy, GTA E-Commerce is helping support the growth and development of the Canadian e-commerce community. GTA E-Commerce is a non-partisan advocate on behalf of the ecommerce community, a tireless champion of local entrepreneurs and their companies. 

Our Founder

Alexander Fung’s experience comes from more than 5 years of entrepreneurship in finance, technology, and e-commerce. Within his first two years of online sales, he has generated more than $250,000 across the US, Canada, and UK - part-time. Alexander’s passion of creating GTA E-Commerce is to bring all businesses together. Event participants have the opportunity to share, learn, network and implement strategies in their respective markets and gain a competitive advantage.

Alexander graduated from the 2016 cohort of Founder Institute accelerator program that helps entrepreneurs build high impact businesses and is currently running a full-service consulting practice that helps retail companies enter the Amazon marketplace.

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